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Welcome to the colorful world of cigar label collecting. We are not ourselves experts in this area, but recently we acquired a nice group of old labels at a very favorable price. Many of these old labels are wonderful examples of the art of stone lithography. Characteristics of many include beautiful, bright, sharp colors on quality paper and embossing which gives a 3-dimensional appearance. For a very limited time while our supply allows, we're still offering a great special on some of these old labels as follows:

10 different colorful antique cigar labels, small & large - just $8.00
20 different colorful antique cigar labels, small & large - just $16.00

Sample label group (not necessarily any of the ones you'll receive)

IMPORTANT! Prices subject to change without notice. Postage charges are extra on all orders under $50. Please consult our terms of sale. Please email us at the address below to confirm the price and availability of any item on this page or on any list in this website. Thank you and enjoy the hobby!

Epoca - one of my personal favorites that I've encountered. The scan doesn't do it justice!

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