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Welcome to our selection of antique newspapers for sale. These make great historical display items, especially when framed or combined with a selection of old coins and notes (all purchased from your favorite banknote dealer, Richard J. Reed, of course!).

Most old papers survived as a result of being bound into annual volumes and stored in libraries.  Many of these wonderfully archived newspapers of the past have become available as libraries transfer their contents to microfilm or some other modern storage means.

People are amazed at the high degree of nice preservation for many of these old items and the reason is very simple.  Most old newspapers were printed on much higher quality paper than that used by today's tabloids.  Whereas a newspaper created recently will begin to decompose after only a few years (or less, depending on storage conditions), many of yesteryear's newsheets have survived in wonderful condition.  To keep them that way, store your papers in a non-humid environment away from a lot of light.

What follows is our current listing of (mostly!) very affordable newspapers in nice condition (unless otherwise noted).  Hope you enjoy this listing and find some goodies to add to your holdings of historical documents.
Please note: although we carry a small selection of antique papers, we aren't regular dealers in this area and do not have access to papers with specific dates. Often we receive requests from folks looking for a specific date of a specific paper (usually from the 19th century). Locating something of that type is a long shot at best and we don't have access to such a large archive, if one even exists.

IMPORTANT! Prices subject to change without notice. Postage charges are extra on all orders under $50. Please consult our terms of sale. Please email us at the address below to confirm the price and availability of any item on this page or on any list in this website. Thank you and enjoy the hobby!

The Boston Daily Atlas 1851 - $24.00

The Boston Daily Journal 1850 - $24.00

Columbian Centinel (Boston) 1821 - $27.00

The Daily American (Nashville) 1879 - $23.00

The Daily Graphic (New York) 1875 - $24.00

Gleason's Pictorial (Boston) 1854 - $27.00

Massachusetts Spy or Worcester Gazette 1797 - $124.00

Massachusetts Spy (Worcester, MA) 1883 (poor cond.) - $8.00

The Milford Gazette (Milford, MA) 1892 - $16.00

The Milford Gazette (Milford, MA) 1922 (fair cond.) - $9.00

Newark Daily Advertiser 1842 - $23.00

National Intelligencer (Wash., D. C.) 1832 (note: this paper contains an error in the date - way before the Y2K era - the date reads Jan. 81, 1832) - $72.00

New England Palladium (Boston) 1811 - $29.00

New England Palladium & Commercial Advertiser  1817 - $27.00

New York Daily Tribune 1845 - $25.00

The New York Times 1859 - $34.00

Northampton Free Press (Northampton, MA) 1872 - $23.00

The Press (Philadelphia) 1858 - $23.00

Providence Morning Star 1873 - $23.00

The Worcester Daily Spy April 15, 1865 (genuine Lincoln Assassination Newspaper!) - $1,600.00  - We have advertised this rare and very desireable newspaper in fairly decent condition (see pictures below) on ebay for $1,699.99 but you can save about a hundred bucks by buying it direct from us!  We originally purchased this with a run of about two weeks worth of dates, kept only a couple including this one and sold/traded away the rest years ago.  The entire front page had already been composed before the terrible news came in, thus it appears on the second page of the paper.

See the ebay listing for the full write-up; a few pictures are posted below:



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