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Fall Retail Philippines Guerrilla Note List #2012-B.1
(updated x-x-2012)

IMPORTANT!  Prices subject to change without notice.  Postage charges are extra on all domestic orders under $50 and are extra on all orders shipped outside of the United States.  Payment via PayPal is available but limited.  Please consult our terms of salePlease email us at the address below to confirm the price and availability of any item on this page or on any list in this website before ordering.  Please include the full list and version number with your email (i. e. #2010-2.1)  Notes which have been sold out may have been marked as "SOLD" next to the price column.  However, please check on the availability of anything you're interested in as this list is not updated daily due to time contraints.  Note that many items on this retail list are one-of-a-kind or very limited in our inventory.  Therefore we reserve the right to limit quantities of any specific notes.  Prices are also subject to change without notice due to errors in listing or rapid market change.  If you are looking for larger quantities of identical notes, please consult our wholesale list to see if there are items of interest.   Some notes listed may be also be available in a lower grade at a reduced price, please inquire.  Many thanks for looking over the list and for your business!  Regards, Rick

NOTICE - ALL PREVIOUS LISTS ARE NOW OBSOLETE.  We are in the process of reorganizing our stock, updating our inventory, and adding in new purchases.  This list is for the countries from A to G.  As time allows, we will add in additional countries and material to the list.  Lots more to come soon, increasing sales during the busy season have slowed up our work on the list a bit more than we anticipated!

Sorry - we are in the process of updating this section and hope to have a new list soon!  Thanks for your patience!


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