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This web site represents the exciting world of numismatics by Richard J. Reed on the internet (since 1999). Established in 1981 as Richard J. Reed Coins of the World, the initial product line consisted of low-cost coin jewelry and world coins.  Eventually, company President Richard J. Reed steered his firm into the less-traveled but very exciting world of paper money!

At first, Reed offered a few common world notes.  Business and buying opportunities increased and a large inventory of interesting, collector-oriented, and modestly-priced notes was built up over time.  Now Richard J. Reed World Paper Money is one of the leading mail order dealers today for this type of material (see testimonials) and stresses competitive pricing, conservative grading, square dealing, and fast, friendly service while promoting a fun approach to the world's greatest hobby!

The firm sells primarily by mail-order and online auctions; however, local shows such as the big FUN Show in Orlando also provide an opportunity for Reed to meet the area's collectors and dealers and to show his wares to an increasingly fascinated public.  The firm's address at Post Office Box 20665, Sarasota, FL 34276-3665 is obviously for mail orders only.  All notes are kept in bank vaults. Reed may be contacted by e-mail at or messages, orders, questions, and requests can be sent to him at the above address.

Richard J. Reed World Paper Money's stock of exciting new (and old!) budget-priced notes for the beginner and intermediate collector is constantly updated by our active buying network consisting of auctions, collectors, dealers, estates, and flea markets.  The company has a well-stocked inventory of worldwide inflation notes, which have increased in popularity with the general public, who are continually amazed to see notes with so many zeroes, or bills representing so many units of a currency.

Although many of our limited quantity, attractive notes will be fiercely competed for by our customers, there should be plenty of great material to keep most everyone happy!  Notes may be reserved by e-mail and will then normally be held for up to two weeks pending payment.  Preferred payment options are money order or check (see terms). We don't accept credit cards directly at this time, although we do accept credit card payments via PayPal for USA customers with PayPal-confirmed addresses on a limited basis. It is our desire to keep prices as low as possible and cut out any "middlemen" or overhead where possible.  If you want to buy a large quantity of items but just don't have all the required cash on hand, we can negotiate a payment plan to suit your budget and can ship some of the items periodically as payments are made.

In addition to the substantial number of different banknotes available, the firm also maintains an inventory of collectible stock and bond certificates, world coins, old checks and fiscal paper, antique newspapers, used numismatic books and auction catalogs, and numismatic related material such as "funny money notes".  In 2001, the firm made a substantial investment in movie money prop notes, which were used in Hollywood films and television, by purchasing a large group of these entertaining items. As time permits, more material is added to the lists in these web pages, so be sure to bookmark this site and check back often.

Most recently Reed's company has developed a line of computer-designed fantasy art banknotes designed by Reed himself and these have been widely acclaimed and increasingly popular, and becoming a bigger part of the business itself.

We sincerely appreciate your business and want to help you build a collection you can be proud of. So experience the kind of service which prompted one customer to write, "It is really a pleasure to do business with someone who describes his material as UNC and delivers same each and every time without exception."


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