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These certificates are for people who like to collect "large banknotes," for that's often their appearance.  There are thousands of different companies which have issued such items in the past, and no book or collection of books could ever come close to covering them all.  They can be (and often are) collected by industry, particularly railroads, automobiles, mines, and ships.  They can also be collected by vignette (picture) subject and also for autographs by notable financial personalities.  Oftentimes the same vignette can be found on world banknotes. Other collectors may appreciate high denomination bonds.  There are bonds we've carried with original issued values as high as $1,000,000!  Now cancelled, these make great conversation pieces - a piece of paper that was once worth $1,000,000 dollars.  These items come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.  The engravings on many certificates, particularly the older items printed by the American Bank Note Co. (ABNC) and others, are absolutely phenomenal and will make a beautiful wall display when framed or displayed, perhaps with examples of one's banknote collection.  Why not start or add to your collection of these interesting, historical items?  We will be adding in our stock of nice old certificates to our new retail site (click on the Mexican note below).


Central vignette from a Mobil Oil bond


10 Different Stock/Bond Certificates, some with vignettes - $25.00
10 Different Stock/Bond Certificates, most with vignettes - $35.00
10 Different Better Stock/Bond Certificates, all with vignettes - $70.00
20 Different Better Stock/Bond Certificates, all with vignettes - $130.00
5 Different Antique Railroad Bond Certificates, all with vignettes (most of old trains!)- $60.00
10 Different Antique Railroad Bond Certificates, all with vignettes (most of old trains!)- $110.00

IMPORTANT! Prices subject to change without notice. Postage charges are extra on all orders under $50 and on all foreign orders. Please consult our terms of sale. Please email us at the address below to confirm the price and availability of any item on this page or on any list in this website. Thank you and enjoy the hobby!



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