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You may order items on this site by emailing us and telling us what you would like to purchase or by printing out the order form and sending it in with your payment via U. S. mail (the old fashioned way).  Orders paid for and sent via U. S. mail should be made payable to "Richard J. Reed" and addressed to:
P. O. BOX 52438

We always recommend that you confirm the availability of any item and reserve it by emailing us first, even if you're going to fill out the form and mail in payment.  It is not necessary to fill out the order form as long as we have an email from you listing the items you wish to purchase.  We do ask that you send us a copy of your email if you are mailing in a check or money order so that we know what the money is for.  Of course, always remember to enclose your full mailing address whenever you send in an order whether by email or U. S. mail.  Due to the volatility of in-stock items, we do not offer a shopping-cart style web order form at this time. You may reserve merchandise via e-mail and we will hold your items for about a week, pending receipt of your check or money order, but we must have your full name and complete address to do so. For particularly large purchases, down payments can be negotiated to hold the items for a longer period until payment in full has been received. Please do not reserve notes unless you plan to purchase them. We will refuse to do any business with persons who abuse this privilege.

TERMS OF SALE - (NOTE: See separate terms of sale for bullion and bullion-related coins on our "WORLD COINS" page)

1a. Payment for shipment to the USA by US buyers (personal check, cashier's check, money order, PayPal*, Western Union wire):
Payment must
accompany order for any items purchased and must be in U. S. funds. Checks and money orders may have to clear for up to 10 business days if you are not an established customer or for particularly large orders. Due to recent theft and forgery problems, this can include cashier's checks and postal money orders, especially for larger orders.  All checks and money orders must be in U. S. funds drawn on a U. S. bank and must be made payable to Richard J. Reed. *For the convenience of our customers in the United States, we now accept PayPal as a form of payment; however, shipment of the item(s) purchased must be to the verified buyer's PayPal-confirmed U. S. address. 
PayPal payments may be sent to the following email: Always contact us first in the event of a very large payment before using PayPal as this means of payment is restricted due to (a) PayPal charges and (b) fraud possibility.  We do not recommend sending cash through the mail. It can get "lost," and therefore all payments sent through the mail are at the buyer's risk.

1b. Payment for shipment to any country outside the USA (Western Union wire, PayPal**):
If your order is being shipped outside the United States, it is considered a foreign order and falls under payment rules of this section. Payment
must accompany order for any items purchased and must be in U. S. funds. International money orders are no longer allowed except that we will accept Canadian postal money orders from our Canadian customers. **PayPal may also be accepted for smaller orders from foreign buyers but not in an amount greater than $50.00USD. However, you must check with us first prior to paying for any items by PayPal.  PayPal payments may be sent to: In some cases, we will also accept uncirculated (absolutely brand new!) currency of your country if carefully packed between stiff cardboard and shipped via registered mail, however, you must write first before sending us any currency through the mail. Since there is always some risk, even with registered mail, all payments sent through the mail are at the buyer's risk.

2a. Shipping/Handling (domestic):
Retail orders under $50, please include $3 for these charges. Retail orders of $50 or more from the web site (including specials) are shipped postpaid and insured by us with no extra charges for postage or insurance.  Postage charges are due on all wholesale bulk orders, domestic or foreign.  Please contact us first to ensure availability of the item(s) you need and we will quote shipping/handling/insurance charges.

2b. Shipping/Handling (foreign):
On all orders, please contact us prior to sending your order so we can quote you shipping/handling costs. 
Postage charges are due on all retail and wholesale orders. In some instances, depending on your location, we may not be able to ship by certain methods or may not be able to ship at all if your country bans the import of certain items. All foreign orders are shipped at the buyer's risk.  Expensive orders will be sent by registered mail at extra cost.  Coins are not normally shipped outside the USA due to weight and risk of theft.

3. Insurance:
(available for domestic orders only): Orders under $50, please include $2 for insurance if it is desired, otherwise shipment is sent at the buyer's risk. We don't normally recommend insurance on smaller orders as the U. S. mail is very safe. Only a very miniscule percentage of our orders have not made it to our customers safely in over 25 years in the numismatic mail order business. If your order is somehow lost (almost as rare as being struck by lightning), reimbursement will be made by the postal service once the claim is processed, provided you have paid for insurance or we have paid for it (on retail orders of $50 or more).  Postal insurance claims do not commence until 30 days after the mailing date has passed.
For smaller insured orders, I may elect to self-insure your package, guaranteeing delivery or full refund of your package, even though it isn't insured by the post office, if it saves me making a special trip to the post office, which can be extremely busy here in Sarasota most of the year. Fillable retail orders of $50 or over are shipped insured by us. On very large, expensive orders, we may send by registered insured mail.

4. Sales tax:
Florida residents, please add 7% to your order for state sales tax. Florida dealers submit a signed & dated copy of your valid tax resale certificate in lieu of the tax.  If you are paying by PayPal, contact us first if your item will be delivered to the state of Florida.  PayPal payments which do not include the necessary sales tax will be rejected.  We cannot accept a small second payment via PayPal to add the tax to the original order as we are charged separately for each PayPal payment we accept.

5. Return privilege:
Full 14-day return privilege except on bullion/bullion-rated coins (see coins page for terms) and bulk lots of unattributed banknotes, checks, coins, tokens, stocks & bonds, etc.  Attributed lots may be returned during the return privilege period only as an intact group (no cherry-picking the best ones and sending back the rest - yes, it has happened!).  Bulk lots of circulated items are not returnable unless specifically stated in the writeup and are sold as is. Items which are purchased by special discount and subsequently returned may be cause for revocation of the discount for the remaining items which the customer keeps, if the final sale is less than the minimum required to obtain the discount.  Large lots that are returnable, and are returned, may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.  NOTICE: Any extra fees for postal charges, insurance, or registration fees cannot be refunded.

6. Availability:
Please give second choices if possible as some items are one of a kind and are sold on a first come, first served basis. We also reserve the right to restrict quantities or withdraw items from sale for any reason.

7. Guarantee:
All items advertised and sold by us are guaranteed genuine unless otherwise stated.

8. Catalog #s:
All catalog numbers quoted are from latest editions of The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, volumes 1, 2, and  volume 3 except for some U. S. obsolete notes or unless otherwise stated.  Occasionally due to an old, out-of-date listing, a catalog number may be no longer valid or could have been listed in error, so it's best to confirm with us first via email that the note is the one you want, if there's any question in your mind.
9. Pricing: Prices should be verified with us prior to purchase, due to occasional price changes, possible typographical errors, or in the rare event that the web site has somehow been altered by a hacker.  Sale prices are not available after deadline dates if so published.

NOTICE: We will often accept certain better world banknotes and bulk lots of notes and bullion coins in trade for some of our advertised items. Please write with details on what you have and make sure the value, time, & effort in making the trade are worth it to both of us. For example, an offer to trade two world notes valued at 25 cents each retail in exchange for something from my list will probably be graciously refused! Please write first and tell us what you have.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please make all checks/money orders payable to Richard J. Reed. We do not recommend sending cash through the mail. It can get "lost."


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