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Here are just a few of the many kind words our customers are saying about our service:

"Sorry for my delay in responding but I wanted to thank you for the notes.  They arrived in good condition, no problems.  Thanks for your help and courtesy.  I appreciate it."  F. F.

"Just want to let you know that, as usual, you came through.  I was very impressed by the lots (And that fantasy note was great, I'll have to get some more with my next order).  Kind of a heads up, I'm always looking for American Banknote printed South and central American Notes.  Looking forward to More!"  A. B.

"Thanks!   All notes are beautiful. "  J. L. P.

"I recently received your sending postmarked September 27th - all in perfect condition - for which I thank you.  I was very pleased with it and look forward to acquiring many more banknotes from you in the future." E. P.

...and from the same customer a few weeks later:

"Many thanks for your sending of October 13th recently received - again, in perfect condition and very well appreciated." E. P.

"Hello, Rick: Just received your new list. Earlier order received in fine shape - colorful Latin American notes, very nice." P. H.

"I look forward to receiving my order and more lists. I also enjoy your low prices." B. D.

"I'm very happy you still had the Guatemala 25 peso note - it's great." J. B.

"This was a great list to choose from. I'm glad you offer some notes in "lesser grades," making it easier for me to build my collection. As before, just issue me credit if any of these are sold out." M. P.

"I received the items which I had ordered and my successful bids. My successful bids included my first Civil War note which is a nice addition to my growing US collection. The stock certificates are a nice diversion, especially those with railroad vignettes since that is another of my interests. I am quite satisfied with everything I bought." B. P.

"Thanks its been a pleasure doing business. Keep me updated on your lists."  D. H.

"The notes that you sent are fantastic!"  E. N.

"I just received the package of Yugoslavian banknotes that I ordered.  Thank you very much. They are much better than I expected."  R. M.

"Got it today.  Thanks - very pleased.  Please be on the lookout for other needs I sent you."  J. C.

"The notes arrived today.  Fantastic as usual."  B. G.

"Great stuff!  I'm very pleased with everything."  F. D.

"Thanks so much for all your help."  M. F.

"Am very pleased with the large size movie notes."  C. W.



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