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Richard J. "Rick" Reed, also known as "the Duke of Dinara," "the Prince of Pengo," and "the Mogul of Movie Moolah," has been a numismatic hobbiest for over 40 years.  For 30 years, he has operated a numismatic business, beginning with low cost coin jewelry and worldwide coins, before re-directing the focus of the business into world paper currency during the late 1980's.  Rick is known as "misterbanknote" on eBay, the popular online auction venue.

Reed's first major banknote purchase was a nice group of high-grade one and five peso Mexican Revolution banknotes from the State of Chihuahua.  These intrigued him, and, as a result of further research, led him to become a collector of the lovely old Mexican "Bancos" notes issued by the various Mexican states prior to the Revolution.

At the same time, Reed continued building up his knowledge and stock of world notes.  Today, he maintains one of the largest inventories of moderately priced, collector oriented material in Florida.  His company stresses competitive pricing, conservative grading, square dealing, and efficient and friendly service, promoting a fun approach to what has become one of the hottest areas in the collectibles market today, the hobby of worldwide paper currency collecting.

More recently, he has become a significant player in the Hollywood movie prop note field, following a major auction purchase of many of the stage prop notes of the former Ellis Props and Graphics, which sold off its holdings in 2000.  He was a major contributor of plate notes and knowledge towards the recently-released reference book "SHOW ME THE MONEY!  The Standard Catalog of Motion Picture, TV, Stage & Advertising Prop Money" by prolific numismatic author Fred Reed (no relation).

Reed has been involved in a numismatic-related video project, "2012 - A Banknote Odyssey: Discovering the World of Paper Money."  Past creative projects include the manufacture of various advertising, credit, and souvenir "notes" for the company in the latter half of the 1980's, the Game of Numismania (1990), and a souvenir card for the 50th anniversary of the Worcester County Numismatic Society (WCNS) in 1996.  Reed, a member of the Society for 20 years, is also a member of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS), the Society of Paper Money Collectors (SPMC), and Florida United Numismatists (FUN).  Rick has produced  prop notes for several stage productions and for a wrestler, and designed fiscal documents for an advertising agency.  He also has created a new web site just for novelty, prop, play, political, and souvenir notes ( and a new company, the Reed Banknote Company, which produces beautiful custom fantasy banknotes and high quality replicas of antique bills.  Most recently, this company produced a large quantity of different bills to be used at the International Paper Money Show in Memphis, TN to celebrate not only the 35th anniversary of the show, but also the concurrent 50th anniversaries of both the International Bank Note Society and the Society of Paper Money Collectors.


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