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Welcome to our World Coins page!  Please note, there are no returns on unattributed bulk lots of coins or banknotes and are sold as is. We are certain that you will be pleased.  Please consult our special terms of sale below for specific info on ordering your coins and shipping charges. Thank you as always for your business!



Sorry, we do not accept PayPal or checks for silver or gold coins; cash or US postal money orders are only accepted at this time. 
Please contact us via email before purchasing to confirm and lock in price!  Your payment must be received within five business days from date of lock-in or order may be cancelled.
All silver and gold coin prices are subject to change without notice, prior sale, or withdrawal due to the volatile market!
Prices based on gold at $1902.00 and silver at $43.61Coins are subject to withdrawal at lower spot prices.
Some coins are priced significantly above bullion value due to their attractiveness/collectibility. 
All coins are one-of-a-kind and guaranteed genuine unless otherwise stated!
Shipping and handling is $4.00 on orders under $50.00; free on orders of $50.00 or more.
Orders under $50.00, please include $2.00 for insurance if it is desired, otherwise shipment is sent at the buyer's risk.
Sorry, we do not ship coins in this section outside the USA.
Florida residents please add 7% sales tax to your order or send us a copy of your current valid tax resale certificate in lieu of the tax with your order and payment.
Returns are limited to three days for items in this section and will not include our actual shipping costs (unless you paid the extra $4.00 shipping fee for orders below $50.00).
Also the refund will be reduced if the items are returned when bullion is at a lower price than when purchased (refund will be pro-rated in order to protect us against market losses).  Any gain in the market as the result of a return will be retained by Richard J. Reed.

Australia - 1943S EF shilling (92.5% silver, .1680 oz.), KM39 - $7.25

Australia - 1943(m) BU florin (92.5% silver, .3363 oz.), KM40 - $36.50

Austria - 1780SF (restrike) Maria Theresa trade thaler (83.3% silver, .7517 oz.), AU with small 2mm hole at top (nice jewelry piece), nice shiny AU/BU obverse but rather dull, though well-struck, reverse - $29.50

Bermuda - 1964 VF (w/nicks) crown (50% silver, .3638 oz.), KM14 - $14.50

Bermuda - 1964 BU (w/a couple of tiny spots) crown (50% silver, .3638 oz.), KM14 - $15.50

Brazil - 1906 VF (w/couple small dark spots on obverse) 2000 reis (90% silver, .5787 oz.), KM508 - $25.25

Bulgaria - 1937 EF (obverse toned) 100 leva (50% silver, .3215 oz.), KM45 - $17.00

Canada - 1966 AU 50 cents (80% silver, .3000 oz.), KM63 - $13.00

Canada - 1958 choice AU silver dollar (80% silver, .6000 oz.), KM55 - $27.00

Canada - 1965 BU (couple light scratches) silver dollar (80% silver, .6000 oz.), KM64.1 - $27.00

Canada - 1967 BU (slight toning) flying goose Confederation centennial silver dollar (80% silver, .6000 oz.), KM70 - $29.00

China - 1989 prooflike BU 10 yuan panda (one ounce 100% pure silver) with frosted devices (gorgeous coin), encapsulated - $97.00

Great Britain - 1926 F (cleaned) George V half crown (50% silver, .2273 oz.), KM830 - $9.75

Great Britain - 1943 AU George VI half crown (50% silver, .2273 oz.), KM856 - $14.00

India - 1934 AU (cleaned, some staining/toning) 2 1/2 kori (93.7% silver, .2089 oz.), Y52a - $9.00

Mexico - 1948 UNC Aztec 5 pesos (90% silver, .8680 oz.), KM465 - $45.00

Mexico - 1952 VF 5 pesos (72% silver, .6430 oz.), KM467 - $28.00 (2 pieces available, one darker, one lighter)

Mexico - 1968 BU (couple tiny spots) 25 pesos Olympic commemorative (72% silver, .5208 oz.), KM479.1 - $23.00

Mexico - 1960 AU  10 pesos (90% silver, .8356 oz.), KM476, 150th anniversary of the War of Independence commemorative - $38.00

Panama - 1947 F 1/4 balboa (90% silver, .1808 oz.), KM11.1 - $8.00

Panama - 1930 F 1/2 balboa (90% silver, .3617 oz.), KM12.1 - $15.75

Panama - 1947 EF 1/2 balboa (90% silver, .3617 oz.), KM12.1 - $22.00

Panama - 1962 AU 1/2 balboa (90% silver, .3617 oz.), KM12.2 - $18.00

Panama - 1934 EF 1 balboa (90% silver, .7734 oz.), KM13 - $40.00

Switzerland - 1963B EF 2 francs (83.5% silver, .2684 oz.), KM21 - $14.75

USA (private issue - Oklahoma Federated Gold and Numismatics Inc.) undated proof-like BU Peace dollar-type silver round (one ounce 100% pure silver) - $45.00

Venezuela - 1935 EF 5 bolivares (90% silver, .7234 oz.), Y24.2 - $58.50

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